Thursday, July 5, 2012

Eclectic Graphics

The images on this page are unique projects that don't fit into everyday marketing materials, but are projects that were requested by my clients.

Click on the first image to see all the images enlarged.

–  Series of Evacuation Maps  –

Designed the entire layout and drew

approximately 70 floor plans in Illustrator.

–  Interior Car Cards  –

–  Postcards and Notecards  –

–  Package Design  –

This was a class project

–  Banner  –

42 X 177 inches

–  Book Design Layout  –

This is one page from the Employee Handbook at Regional Transit.

This book has 31 days of meditations, with an accompanying photo for each.

Day 25 of the book. This is one of the two of my photos used in the book.

My layout design, book cover design and photograph used for the cover.